Serving the Community for Over 100 Years - Thomas J. Kresge, Supervisor

Serving Northeastern PA

Cremations in Brodheadsville, PA

More than five generations of our family have enabled our facility, William H. Kresge Funeral Home, Inc., to provide the Brodheadsville, PA, cremations area residents have requested. We understand this can be a difficult issue for many families, and we strive to provide a comforting and compassionate environment for such circumstances. Whether you want a large celebration of life or a private ceremony as a part of the cremation, we’ll take care of all the details involved.

If your plans for a loved one involve a cremation or other services, we’re the locally owned and operated home committed to the full satisfaction of you and your family. We provide excellent customer service in all aspects of our care of your loved one, including:

  • Preplanned needs
  • Full casket selection
  • Services for all major faiths
  • Military burials

William H. Kresge Funeral Home, Inc. is proud to provide the dignified Brodheadsville, PA, cremations that many of our clients request. We’re able to handle all the arrangements in a professional and thoughtful manner. You’ll appreciate our reverent and serene environment when you come to discuss your needs. Call for an appointment today or when the need arises.